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Pink Floyd, Motown, The Beatles, and Hendrix .. all melted together with a lemon scented kiss of Rockin fantasy fun!


CD Tracks:

  1. 1.I Want You

  2. 2.Stars Play At Night

  3. 3.Paisley Flowers

  4. 4.Funky Oh Yeah

  5. 5.Who They Say They Be

  6. 6.Driving

  7. 7.Springtime

  8. 8.New Rising Sun

  9. 9.Finding You

  10. 10.Groovin Blues

  11. 11.Big Star

  12. 12.See You Again

  13. 13.Come On Over Here

  14. 14.Happy Life (Bonus Track)

Be the first of your friends to own your very own personalized copy of Lemon’s latest release, ‘Stars Play At Night’. At your request, Lemon will autograph it to you or to anyone you choose.  Use the text box to tell her what you would like her to write on your very own personalized copy of ‘Stars Play At Night’.

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